Friday, August 26, 2011

Define Your Own Way!

Nicole Roberts Jones, MSW is Chairwoman & CEO of the Imani Corporation and Author of new book "Define Your Own Way: Empowering Young African American Women". Nicole says, "My call is to help woman realize their potential and MAXIMIZE it."

The Imani Corporation provides mentorship, workshops and programs to help women succeed. The book, "Define Your Own Way", speaks powerfully to young women about living a fulfilled, healthy, happy, and complete life as you find and perform in your passion and purpose every day. Readers are given keys to help them develop every area of life from letting go of the past, to self esteem, self image, financial literacy, education, health, sexuality, friends, your mate, cultivating a plan of action toward your purpose and the most important ingredient of them all, faith.

Listen to our inspirational interview with Nicole as talks about the book, her story of success and helping others

To learn more about the book watch this video

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